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About Beijing Spa

Welcome to the Beijing Spa. We incorporate thousands of years of ancient knowledge with modern innovation to offer you the best in healing, relaxation and pampering. Chinese Massage isn’t just regular massage with lanterns and bamboo fixtures, it is a very powerful healing modality that has been adapted and improved since ancient times. Did you know that Shiatsu and even Swedish massage has roots in Chinese Massage? The Chinese have been practicing the healing art of massage for thousands of years. Massage textbooks have been found dating as far back as 722 B.C. In the Tang Dynasty, which began in 618 AD, there were 56 massage doctors employed at the imperial hospital. These massage techniques then spread to Japan giving rise to Shiatsu. Much later Peter Henrick Ling, under the tutelage of Chinese masters, developed Swedish Massage.

While Swedish Massage works with stimulating muscle areas to foster blood flow, Chinese Massage is more closely related to acupuncture in that it focuses on directing not only blood, but internal energy through use of the body’s meridian system. It is as effective in relieving muscular discomfort as well as in the treatment of other health issues as well. Chinese massage uses a range of soft tissue techniques coupled with many percussion and joint manipulation methods to achieve health, healing and relaxation.